Tips on Choosing a Nursery/Kid’s Bedroom

I think decorating a kid’s bedroom is a most enjoyable experience. As a mum, the loveliest thing on earth was to pick out items for my baby’s nursery – matching furniture and bedding.

There is such a range available today that it is so hard to choose.


Literas Recamara Infantil Casa GL : Modern nursery/kids room by VICTORIA PLASENCIA INTERIORISMO

Choosing colours and decor for a nursery can be a difficult choice though, as you may find that as your child grows, she or he will also outgrow the nursery and you will have to redecorate several times during their life – but naturally.

When I had my first child, I knew I was having a girl. Well, actually I came to know rather late because everyone told me I was having a boy. Luckily I waited to decorate the nursery and we were confirmed we were having a girl. I had everything ready for a little girl – it was all pink and gorgeous.

My little girl is not so little anymore and while she did go through the stage of loving pink, she is now a big fan of purple. So, yes her room is now done up in purple.

While decorating a nursery, my suggestion would be not to go overboard – unless of course you can choose to edecorate completely in about 2 years. Choose a neutral decor if you want to re-use it for your next child.

I went for a cot bed for my youngest that would last a good number of years but then when my daughter was about 3 we went in for a princess bed for her that she adores.

My suggestion would be to look at room ideas and then incorporate the look. It’s easier as you normally have everything already in place for you so you know how the room would look on completion.

Remember as your child grows, you would also need to have a work area for schoolwork so you would need a desk and chair for her to her comfortably.

Storage is something you need to look at seriously too as you will need loads through the years – for the toys, books and clothes. It’s best to have different tubs for different toys – soft toys, blocks, dolls so everything is where it should be. Of course, there is no guarantee that it would ever remain that way.

If you are looking to redecorate your nursery, you may want to visit sites like Homify where there are great ideas for nursery and children’s bedrooms. They are all rather lovely but these are at the top of our wishlist chosen by the children themselves.

Classic style nursery/kids room by Kiwi_project
Jadyn’s choice
Дизайн детской мальчиков-близнецов в авто-стиле в ЖК <q>Новый город</q> : Modern nursery/kids room by Студия интерьерного дизайна Дарьи Шамардиной и Александра Зуева
Ethan’s choice
Reflected Glory—Holland Park Renovation : Modern nursery/kids room by TylerMandic Ltd
Aeryn’s choice
I can’t really fault their  choice. Looks like I’m going to have to start saving. 🙂
In collaboration with Homify

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