Tiny Treasures Doll Collection Review

We’ve got twins in the family…

This is one review that I’ve been looking forward to myself. I had seen the Tiny Treasures dolls on the Argos website and I knew I had to have one – for my daughter that is. Although I won’t lie, I wanted one too.

Lucky for us, we were invited to review a few products from the range so say hello to the new additions to our family.

We were sent two dolls – a boy and a girl, a Moses basket and the most adorable doll clothes ever.

There’s so much to say about these dolls that I don’t know where to start.

Let’s start with packaging –

The dolls come in little car seats made from cardboard. They actually have seat belts that need to be undone. I was glad that this was the only packaging and there were no further clips or attachments that we needed a scissors for – you know the ones I’m talking about. This made it even more real as it was like taking a real baby out of the car seat.

You’ll also find a birth certificate in the package which you can fill in.


The dolls are both adorable. The boy doll was dressed in blue and has brown straight hair. The girl has curly black hair and is dressed in a pink dungaree.

The dolls faces are soft to touch and so are their bodies. Their eyes open when you sit them up and shut when you lay them down. Their hands and legs are floppy like real babies too. They also have the most adorable scent – of baby powder.

The Tiny Treasure dolls are dressed in adorable baby gros with dungarees over. They even have a nappy on and a little hospital tag that you can fill in.

The dolls are priced at £39.99 each.

Moses Basket

The Moses basket is made from a lovely soft pink fabric and has great attention to detail. It has a teddy bear face on it that is really cute. The basket fits a doll easily and you can make room for two if you like. It is quite sturdy and easy to carry two dolls in which is great. I have had some that are quite flimsy.

It is priced at £24.99

The Clothes

The Tiny Treasures range includes clothes for the dolls that are just gorgeous and take play to a different level. Children can now learn to change their dolls clothes like a real baby. We were sent a dress for the girl and a denim dungaree for the boy. We were also sent a little lamb onesie (that we mistakenly called a teddy bear onesie) and a Tiny Treasures Sleeping bag and bunny comfort toy.

All these products are so well made. Again there is so much attention to detail. The clothes are made of soft fabric just like that of a real baby’s clothes.

They are well-stitched and have room for manoeuvre so you don’t have to worry about tearing it when putting the doll’s clothes on.

They also come in bags that make them even more real.

The clothes are priced between £9.99 and £12.99

I can see that we’ll soon have to add to the range we have as Aeryn has her eye on the changing bag that’s also available.

Tiny Treasures Range – why we love it

Tiny Treasures, as a range, is perfect for role play in children. They are so real that one almost forgets they are dolls. Ideal for encouraging nurturing in children, they teach a child to do basics like change clothes or a nappy.

Aeryn has them next to her bed and she’s always carrying them around the Moses basket. She like a mum with her new born, making sure they are safe and keeping them close all the time. Their names are Adam and Aria. (In case you’re thinking of baby names!)

The above products and others in the range are available at Argos and you can check them out here


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  1. Wow, these dolls looks so real. I love how they innovates the doll nowadays. I remember playing barbie only before. Indeed you would not notice that its not real especially when a little far.

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