Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review

It’s no secret that we love dolls in our household. Luckily, we’ve had opportunities to review and play with a number of different dolls. We recently welcomed a baby boy and a baby girl into the family from the Tiny Treasures range and this time we were thrilled to have a play with Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots from the same brand.

Now these miniature dolls (and they are little) are the cutest. You’d be surprised how much attention to detail goes into them.

We were sent 2 dolls and a Bedtime accessory playset.

The Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots dolls

The Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots are dolls that are a little over 10 cm in length. They are a perfect fit for little hands. They come dressed in adorable onesies – fluffy ones at that. We had one dressed in a panda outfit and one in a bunny outfit. The hoods have panda/bunny faces and the appropriate ears too. The baby in the panda outfit has a little panda toy attached to the hand and the baby in the bunny outfit has mittens.

You can also undress the babies and swap clothes if you like.

Each little doll has a different expression. They could be asleep, awake or yawning.

On their wrist is a name tag with their name and date of birth much like a hospital tag. It’s amazing how much detail has gone into these dolls especially since they are so little. They have realistic hands and feet and they come in a little cardboard cot.

They have a baby powder scent.


There are 15 dolls to collect and each is priced at £7.99

The Bedtime Accessory Set

This set is perfect for these little dolls. The bedtime set includes a cot, a doll, a little mattress, blanket and a cot mobile – everything you need for play.

Like all the other products in the range, this set has great attention to detail. The mattress is beautifully designed with a little heart logo too. The cot is well-finished and has drawers that can be opened. The cot mobile is also adorable. For a miniature product, it is so perfectly made.

The doll is in a little sleeping bag and fits well in the cot.

The bedtime accessory set is priced at £14.99

In fact, having these dolls, took me back to my childhood where I remember having a doll the size of my palm and I called her my ‘Thumbelina doll’.

There is also a pram accessory playset available.

This is the first collection and is Limited Edition so go grab yours now. Perfect gifts for Christmas and birthdays as they are a new concept.

The products are available at Smyths Toy Superstores.

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