Ticket to Ride: First Journey – Board Game Review

As the evenings get colder and darker, there’s nothing better than staying in and playing a board game together as a family. We love doing so and it was great that we were invited to be a part of a Board Game Panel. It means we get to test run new board games every month and see how we enjoyed them (or didn’t enjoy them for that matter!)

This month, we were sent Ticket To Ride.

The game is aimed at children aged 6+ and it is quite interesting.

It includes –

  • Game board
  • 80 plastic trains in blue, green, yellow and red (20 of each colour and some extras)
  • 72 train cards
  • 32 ticket cards
  • 4 bonus ticket cards
  • 1 ‘Golden Ticket’ card
  • Instructions

How to play –

The instructions are quite clear but essentially you get dealt 4 train cards and 2 ticket cards each. The ticket cards have a journey  on them. You need to complete the journey using the routes provided. A route can be claimed if you have train cards of the colour as well as the number of cards required.

So for example –

To claim a route from London to Paris you would need either 1 black train card or 1 green train card as the shortest route.

Of course you can also take longer routes if those are already claimed. So you could go via Amsterdam or via Brest.

Once you have completed your journey by claiming routes you give up your ticket and take a new one.

You win when you have completed 6 journeys.

What we thought…

The children enjoyed the bright colourful board. My 6 year old had a little difficulty at first trying to understand how to get a journey completed. She followed how to claim a route though and then found it easier.

It is a bit complicated when you have to take a round about route but I guess the more you play it, the easier it gets.

One game can take about 30 minutes or even longer to complete as you need to get 6 journeys and some can be quite long. If there are 4 players playing, it could be that some routes are already claimed and you would need longer journeys.

The game is not ‘just’ a board game. For each city, there are pictures of landmarks so this is a great talking point. Some cities were new to the children like Riga for instance so we looked it up on the internet. A great way to learn about new places.

The game also needs a bit of skill sometimes as you need to work out the easiest way to complete a journey and take an alternative route if required.

We love the game – it is interesting and makes you think.

Ticket to Ride is from Days of Wonder Board games and is priced at about £25.





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