Thoughts on my daughter’s first trip abroad – without me!


There probably won’t be any content from me today or for the next 4 days. I’m too busy stalking a page on Facebook…

Early this morning (really early) I said goodbye to my eldest as she went off on a school trip to Rome.

We were packed and ready last night which is a first for me – I usually have (very) last moment packing to be done.

As I said my goodbye, I felt like a little piece of me was going away.

When did she grow up so? Isn’t she too young to be going abroad without me? She is in Year 6. But she’s still my baby.

She was excited and not worried at all.

I on the other hand will worry for the next few days until her return.It’s parent thing. And if I may say so – more a mum thing.

I worry –

Will she be okay?

Will she miss me? Probably not even half as much as I do her – she’ll be too busy having fun which is what I want her to do.

Will she know where to find her things? Normally it’s a shout from upstairs ‘Mum, I can’t find my socks or t-shirt or…’ However, since she has it all in one suitcase, I guess it should not be that difficult.

Will she remember to charge her camera? Seeing that in my excitement, I had the battery in the wrong way and it hadn’t charged the first round. Luckily, I spotted it in time and she has a fully charged camera for use. And yes, I remembered the charger – with the adapter for Italy. (I’m SO on it)

Will she be fine during travel? She suffers from terrible motion sickness – cars, air, buses… On our recent trip to Bali, she spent the whole flight (15 hours of it) with her head in airsickness bags. Notice the plural there! She is equipped with bags, mints, travel sickness medicine (that didn’t help one bit last time) and face wipes.

She’s sorted.

For obvious reasons they are not allowed phones. All I have as a link to her is the school Facebook page that will update us and they are doing a pretty great job with photos too.

But, I’m not there. And it’s worrying.

Maybe it’s a control thing.

Maybe it’s a problem with letting go.

Maybe it’s a Mum thing.

And I’m her Mum.

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