Things To Do on A Short Trip To London

England’s capital is one of those places you can visit over and over again and still not manage to do everything you set out to do. With so many amazing attractions in this bustling city, you may find it difficult to squeeze them all into one trip, which is why I’ve picked out the most exciting attractions to help you organise your itinerary for a long weekend away in London. I find that making use of online resources is most definitely the way to go when planning your trip, as not only can you discover exactly what attractions appeal to your personal tastes, but you can also take advantage of plenty of discounts when booking online, and even try out exciting pursuits such as casino games, before sampling the real thing. Take a look at my top picks, and ensure your trip to London is packed to the brim with exciting events.


Horrible Histories

London is steeped in history and not all of it is pretty! As the capital, it has seen its fair share of torturous punishments to those who defied the laws of the land through the ages. If you are intrigued by the gruesome history of London’s past, visit book the London Bridge Experience and experience 2000 years of history in one spectacular, and horrifying tour. This entertaining tour is not for the faint hearted so prepared to be spooked by real life historic tales, and some ghoulish entertainment courtesy of the talented actors of the multi award winning London Bridge Experience. For more information, take a look at the London Bridge Experience Website.

Exciting Nightlife

One of the best things about London is it’s night life, so don’t scrimp – make sure you have plenty have cash to see you through the night. A fantastic way to enjoy a thrilling evening of live entertainment and games is to visit the UK’s biggest casino, The Hippodrome. With three gaming floors, an underground casino, and a live music and cabaret bar, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to a fun-filled night of entertainment. If you’ve never been to a casino before and are a little nervous that you may not know how to play some of the games, casino you could try out some online games on a site like Betway before you go, so you will feel confident enough to enjoy the real thing.


The London Eye

What better way to see the whole of London than from an ascending glass bubble that takes you 135 metres into the air? Enjoy the bird’s eye view and learn more about the sights you pass through the interactive screens available in each capsule. The binoculars provided are a great way for younger visitors to get a closer look at the features of historic landmarks, and the breathtaking views will perhaps give you some inspiration as to what attraction to visit next. Get a personal point of view of a family trip on the London Eye, here.

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