Thermos – the 24 hour Test

I was recently put to a challenge – to see if I could have hot coffee 24 hours after making it.

Sounds like something you would have tried? Well, here’s how I got on.

Thermos brand sent me a flask that promises to keep any liquid hot or cold for 24 hours. Together with it I was sent some coffee granules and some lovely biscuits. But I had to wait 24 hours to enjoy it.

Thermos set me a challenge to make coffee



Pour it into the flask



and let it stand for 24 hours.



I was to see if the liquid remained hot after this time.

I made the coffee one morning, put it into the flask and the next morning when I opened the flask, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the coffee was still steaming.


It’s a pity my camera didn’t capture the smoke!

I think that this flask is ideal for long journeys especially with winter upon us. It is also great for boiling water and storing as it saves energy. You can boil a considerable amount of water and make tea for the day. It does keep your drink hot.


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