There’s fun to be had creating a Mii…

The fun  part of the Nintendo DS and Wii, besides games, is creating a Mii.

I am guess that the Mii is an equivalent for ‘me’ and it is basically a digital avatar that you can involve in your game playing. You can personalise it to look like yourself by changing the colour/style of hair, eyes, facial features so that it becomes  –  welll….you!

I like playing around with Miis. (It is not only for children, you know) I quite like making myself look glamorous, taller and thinner. 🙂


I also like making Hubs look utterly bizarre which is great fun. The children are in fits of giggles as I give him the most outlandish look possible. (Childish of me, I know but loads of fun nevertheless)

A Mii is super easy to create and as you can see here takes a matter of minutes (well, depending on how long you take to make up your mind about the shape of your eyebrows)


Once a Mii is created and you link your Nintendo account it shows up on different Nintendo platforms as well as on Street Pass.


If you have a Nintendo DS at home and haven’t as yet tried it, I suggest you do as it is so much fun.

Disclaimer: I was under no obligation to write this post. All ideas and opinions are that of mine and my Mii. 🙂

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