Then and now – bringing in the New Year

There was a time, (it seems a long, long time ago) when today would be wasted spent getting ready for the evening/night that lay ahead. The gown, the shoes, the accessories and the make up had to be perfect. Of course, the partner made a difference too.

It was exciting and very, very tiring as I danced the night away with just a bit of alcohol to warm me up.

Needless to say I spent the better part of the next day – New Year’s Day, in bed – asleep!

Fast forward to the last few years about 11 of them, and the evening is spent watching kids films, watching slide shows of the times we’ve spent together this year. It may involve a glass of wine or two, staying up until 12, wishing each other for the New Year and going up to bed.

It’s different.

Sometimes I feel it’s no fun and I miss those days.

But life has changed and so have I.

Ask me to go dancing now and I’d probably fall asleep on my feet by 10.30 pm anyway.

The memories I used to make in that one night are faded and I can hardly remember what I wore, who I met, whom I danced with (I’m pretty sure it was always Hubs – we’ve known each for so long)

I look different and there’s no way I’d get into those skinny gowns or be able to handle stilettos without twisting my ankle.

I’m glad for those times but I’m even more glad for the times now.

When I sit cuddled up with the children laughing over our year in photos.

When I kiss them for the last time this year and then kiss them in the New Year awash with promises.

When I know that the memories I’m making now are not only mine but the children’s too and I hope that each one is a happy one.

  • When I can sprawl on the sofa in my PJs sipping a glass of wine with Hubs watching the fireworks in different parts of the world.

When I can spend the better part of New Year’s Day awake and making more memories with the children.

Ring out the old…Ring in the New.

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