The Zelfs Series 4 – Phoenix : Review

Meet the Zelfs! The newest and cutest collectable characters around! When the twilight moon is in the sky, Zelfs appear in a secret garden called Zardenia… an enchanted world of magical Fabitats. Zelfs are playful creatures with unique personalities.

The Zelfs are these adorable (may be considered ugly by some) creatures that are similar to the trolls of the 80’s.


The girls are crazy about them and we have a few now. What they have, of course, is never enough so reviewing another one – that too one from the new series – is an offer that can’t be refused. There are 3 series of Zelfs that have been out so far and this is a Zelf from series 4 – the new series.


We received this Phoenix Zelf called Flare to review. She is yellow with bronze wings and legs and a purple and red plume (hair).

Zelf Bio: When this warm winger rises up over Zardenia, the whole garden takes on a fuzzy glow! Her tender heart booms out of love beatz giving everyone a hug from above!
Zelf Power: Warmth “Warm up and feel wonderful”
Birthday: Kindness Day November 13th
Fabitat Toasty Toes Firepit in the Toasty Toes Camp


Flare came with little purple leaf like comb, two bands for the hair and a clip. The girls love playing the Zelfs and at £5.99, they are perfect for little surprise gifts.


This is the new series and there are a number to collect. My girls are after me to get them some more from the collection.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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