The World Would be a Better Place

Everyday that I wake up and listen to the news, I hear of nothing else but killing, murder, hate and crimes galore. Very seldom do I hear stories that have made me smile and as a mother, I wonder what legacy we are leaving to our children. This is a poem that sums up my feelings at this point –


The world would be a better place,

If everyone would pray for grace

The grace to love, the grace to learn

To live in peace, the grace to earn

The honour of humanity.

In life there always comes a time

When we reflect upon our deeds

And there we find – a person

Of a different kind; to what we thought we are

The kind we hate, we tend to scorn

A bitterness we call our own.

We’ve been let down

We’ve lost the fight

And demons haunt us in the night

Our actions and our words reflect

Our selfishness, our own neglect

Of thoughts more pure, of doings sublime

In life’s journey over time…

We never pause to give a thought

To whom we’ve hurt, with whom we’ve fought,

We carry on pursuing our dream

We never pause to hear the scream –

The scream for help, of one in pain

Who suffers in our quest for gain

Because of us, of what we do.

We need the grace, we must be blessed

To live a life of just success,

To count our deeds and make them count

Towards our end of life’s account.

To change the world and live in peace

To live as man and not as beast

The world would be a better place.

If everyone was blessed with grace.


©Jacinta, 2012

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