The Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean Range – It Works

So while this topic may make me itch  – it needs to be said…

Don’t you just despair at getting the text  that reads ‘There has been a case of headlice in your child’s class…’ Well, I do. (I also hope that the ‘case’ is not that of my child!)

Headlice is not the ideal topic of discussion but it is something that all parents and children will encounter during school days.

It’s all about those microscopic (ok – maybe a bit of an exaggeration) little pests that infest your child’s (and if you’re very unlucky – yours) hair.

Getting nits, which later become lice, is easy. It’s the getting them out that’s the hard part.

Like all mums, I’ve also gone through a horrible phase where no matter what I seemed to do, the little one had nits which of course transferred to the other two as well. And the nits became lice. Well, not as many as the nits but I did see some crawling. Ewwww!!

I tried shampoos and special lotions and still some got away.

Vosene kids pack (1)

Then I tried Vosene and it has honestly been amazing.

I was sent the Vosene Kids 3-in-1 shampoo and conditioning defence spray and I honestly would not use anything else since. The shampoo and spray do have the scent of tea tree but it is not overwhelming and the children are quite happy to use it. It does not make the hair coarse because of it’s conditioning properties.

I use it every time I wash the kids’ hair and there have been no cases of nits since.

Would I recommend Vosene – a whole hearted yes! It does keep one’s hair squeaky clean.

Vosene also has this really good site which could be your go to site if you need more information about the product, hair hacks and headlice – Vosene Kids Advice Centre

The Vosene Squeaky Clean range is available at all major retailers and is definitely worth picking up if you are being traumatised by headlice.

Disclaimer: I was sent a pack of the Squeaky Clean Range from Vosene. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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