The Very Hungry Caterpillar Jigsaw from Ravensburger : Review

I have always loved doing jigsaws. In fact that is one of my most precious and early memories of my mum sitting down and helping me solve jigsaws. I now find extreme pleasure in sitting and solving jigsaws with my children.

Jigsaws are great development of hand and eye coordination, motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition and memory. So, they are a great way of learning through play.

When I was offered an opportunity to review The Very Hungry Caterpillar jigsaw from Ravensburger, I was quite happy. Firstly, we love jigsaws. Secondly, I know that Ravensburger is well known for it excellent quality and third – we absolutely love The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

ravensburger caterpillar

The jigsaw is aimed at children aged 2+ and Aeryn just loves it.

The pieces are chunky and quite large. They are not excessively large so that a child cannot hold it and I like this.

ravensburger 4

The jigsaw features the very hungry caterpillar with the numbers from 1 -5 and the corresponding item that the caterpillar ate in the book.

Each piece is quite durable and is quite hard making it difficult for it to bend – a problem that I had with a few jigsaws in the past.

ravensburger 2

When it is complete, it is quite a good sized jigsaw. There is of course so much to relate to the book and have a conversation about it. There are numbers, different pieces of food and of course, the caterpillar itself. After solving the puzzle, we normally take out the book and read it again and I think that all three children now know it by rote. A book that so easily and beautifully tells the story of the lifecycle of a butterfly and teaches days and numbers too has to be nothing short of a bestseller.

ravensburger 3

I am sure almost every household must have a copy of this book and I do recommend getting the jigsaw to go with it. Ideal for pre-schoolers, this is a perfect way to teach a child numbers too.

The colours are bright and reflect the colours of the book so that the child can relate to it.

This is a good quality jigsaw and at £8.99 it is value for money.

Disclaimer: I was sent this puzzle to review with my children. All ideas and opinions are my own.



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