The Ultimate Survival Guide by Knowsley Safari Park

We love the outdoors and the children love going on walks and collecting leaves, twigs and pebbles etc. They also love the beach obviously. We also love safari parks.

Of course, everything we have done so far is very tame and there have been no extreme conditions like the desert or the rainforest. Well, actually, we may have walked though rainforest conditions in one of the wildlife parks and those 2 minutes left us sweltering. Guess, we are not cut out for that. In fact I wonder how we’d survive if we were ever thrown into these harsh conditions. Forget the children, I don’t think I would survive in a desert without water!

Here is an Ultimate Survival Guide that tells you how to survive in these extreme conditions –


The Ultimate Survival Guide – Produced by Knowsley Safari Park

How about you? Do you think you could survive in extreme weather conditions? Have you ever visited a desert or the arctic region?

Disclaimer: Collaborative post

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