The Ultimate Mash with Rodda’s

I love cream  – fresh cream and clotted cream being my special indulgences. So when I was offered a review of Rodda’s products – well, I guess you know what my answer was.


And then I was sent this hamper of Rodda’s products in a cool bag which will definitely come in handy at our next picnic.

It contained:

Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream

Rodda’s Cornish Butter

Cornish Clotted cream fudge

CornishClotted cream shortbread

A tea towel

A shopping bag


The clotted cream fudge was to die for. I can tell you, it didn’t last 2 days in our home. It was too good to keep. Creamy and delicious – a sweet indulgence.


The shortbread was also very buttery and tasted really nice. Some shortbreads can be choky but not this one. It was ‘melt in your mouth’ shortbread.


The clotted cream? I first used some of it with scones. Yes, I made them at home. They came out quite well – but I think it was more the clotted cream that really gave it the deliciousness. Scones, jam and clotted cream for tea?

The butter is delicious served with croissants. I had forgotten how scrumptious butter could be as I use spreads mostly.


I then decided to try out a recipe that I had seen on You Tube that made mash with clotted cream. I make mash quite often as the children just love it. I have always used milk and butter. This time I used butter and clotted cream.  The result was this soft, mushy mash that the children enjoyed and asked for more. It was really, really nice. I can quite honestly say that I shall be using clotted cream for my mash in future. The taste is totally different – delicious different that is!

Here is the recipe on You Tube if you would like to try it out.

Disclosure: I received the above hamper to try out and review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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