The Twits by Roald Dahl – A Review

Roald Dahl has been a favoured author in our home. The children also read a lot of his books at school so it’s nice to keep up the reading at home too.

We were sent ‘The Twits’ to read and we read it before bedtime. The children loved the book. We split it into chapters and read it but they always looked forward to reading more the following day.


The story –

The Twits is a story about a horrible couple who enjoy playing tricks on each other. They are truly nasty to each other and everyone around them. But then, there comes a Roly Poly Bird who manages to outsmart them. Read what happens to them in this story…

Our review

The children thought the book was quite funny but the Twits were horrible people. They didn’t like how they treated the monkeys and the birds and were quite happy that they had a miserable end.

Personally, I thought the pair of them were hateful. The book can be quite dark in places too and we really ‘got into’ the story. It was sad to see how they treated the animals.

The book led us on to discuss bullies – as that is exactly what The Twits were.

We enjoyed reading the book.

With a copy of the book, we were also provided with a book that contained Scratch and Sniff stickers which smelt quite disgusting. As we had recently been to an event in collaboration with Roald Dahl, we create this awesome beard just like Mr Twits’.

The book is available to purchase on Amazon

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of the book for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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