The Twits App Review

The children loved The Twits by Roald Dahl as you may have read.

This time though they were thrilled to get their own back at the Twits because they did feel very sorry for the birds and the monkeys and how the Twits would treat them.

How did they manage this? Well, through the App of course – it is the digital world!

The House of Twits App is available on the iPad and iPhone and the children couldn’t wait to get playing.

The House of Twits app consists of a number of rooms in the Twits’ house which you can unlock by levelling up. In each room you can play a number of tricks on the Twits by poking them (yes really) and pulling Mrs. Twit’s eye out (!). Maybe gross, but the kids quite like treating the Twits badly especially since they disliked the way they treated the monkeys and birds.


HOUSE OF TWITS is set in Mr and Mrs Twit’s revolting house and allows players to explore rooms including the filthy kitchen, Mr Twit’s shed and even the ghastly bathroom! You score points by poking, feeding and tricking the revolting pair. From serving a disgusting dinner of spaghetti and worms, to swiping Mrs Twit’s glass eye and giving Mr Twit’s beard a tug, players will be able to have loads of mischievous fun and score points along the way.

Many elements of the app will be familiar to existing fans of Roald Dahl’sThe Twits – most notably the fiendishly inventive tricks that Mr and Mrs Twit play upon another – whether it’s Mrs Twit cooking up a plate of wormy spaghetti or dropping her glass eye into her husband’s mug of beer, orMr Twit cunningly adding bits of wood to his wife’s walking stick to convince her she has the dreaded shrinks.

HOUSE OF TWITS is hilarious fun for children aged 6-11, and will appeal to everyone with a sense of mischief, whether they are existing fans of The Twits or newcomers to the characters and story.

ROALD DAHL’S HOUSE OF TWITS app debuts in Apple App Store and Google Play Store on 22nd October, priced £2.99. The app has been developed jointly by the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and Penguin Random House UK, working with interactive entertainment studio Chunk.



Get your own back on THE TWITS! In 3D for the first time ever! Poke Mrs Twit’s glass eye, feed Mr Twit worms and play tricks to unlock mini games. Beware! Don’t make the Twits too mad or things could get ugly – well, uglier . . .

Explore the Twits’ house, including the filthy kitchen, Mr Twit’s shed and even the ghastly bathroom. YUCK! PLUS there are loads of secret ways to score Trick Points but you’ll have to find those for yourself . . .

  •  Choose to play as Mr Twit or Mrs Twit
  •  Discover multiple games in every room!
  •  Listen out for Mystery Parcels with extra tricks!
  • Cook a disgusting dinner – spaghetti and worms, anyone?
  • Sprinkle itching powder on the toilet seat!
  • Hilarious fun for children aged 6–11 (and big twits too)
  • No in-app purchases so you can keep on tricking for as long as you want
  • No third-party advertising

The children enjoy playing on the App and after enjoying the book they are even happier to get on the app.

Disclosure: I was sent a code for a trial of the App to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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