The TomTom Go 5000 : A Review

I don’t know what people ever did before the SAT NAV. Or how people still get by without them.

Without our Sat Nav, we are lost. (quite often literally!!)

Tom Tom 1


We had a TomTom (an old version) and we relied on it completely for all our trips. However, I was asked if I would like to review the TomTom Go 5000 and obviously I jumped at the offer. It looked like an amazing gadget and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Features –

  • 5 inch touchscreen
  • Sim and Data included
  • Advance Lane Guidance
  • Quick Search
  • Fully interactive screen
  • 3 months TomTom Speed cameras
  • 3D maps
  • Free Updates
  • Lifetime Maps
  • Lifetime TomTom Traffic

These features sound amazing but let’s see how we got on and what we love about it.

We love the 5 inch touch screen. Being fully interactive means that we can search for an unknown location by just touching and holding the screen for just 5 seconds.


The Click and Go feature means it is easy to mount in the car.

The advance lane guidance clearly indicates which lane you need to take.


Quick search makes it easy to search for places as it starts to list destinations as soon as you start typing.

You get to know where speed cameras are with alerts so you know when to slow down. (Although of course you shouldn’t be speeding in the first place)

The 3D maps feature is an interesting feature which lets you see landmarks and buildings in 3D for a more interesting driving experience.  Now you know which landmark you will be approaching and get ready to look out the window. (Driver to keep eyes on the road though)

We love the lifetime updates for maps and traffic. Our last TomTom didn’t have this feature and we had to pay for map updates which was a bit of a pain.


Now there is one thing we are most impressed with when it concerns the TomTom Go 5000 – Alternative route feature. The TomTom analyses traffic and potential disruptions on the route and offers alternatives. It can be programmed to ask you if you would like to do this or automatically choose an alternative route for the fastest way to reach your destination. We have been offered an alternative route several times and it has always saved time. This is even on everyday journeys like when Hubs is returning from work. You can choose the alternative route through voice activation as it responds to voice.

tomtom4The Route Bar on the side of the screen offers essential route information – estimated time of arrival, distance to destination, delay on current route, speed camera alert, traffic on route and distance to next event like camera, roadworks etc.



You can programme the TomTom to talk more or talk less depending on your preference.

Ensure that before you start using your TomTom, you register it online and download the latest updates for a better experience.

I think the TomTom Go 5000 is an amazing Sat Nav device and am sure that after reading this you think so too.

Priced at £259 (there are some deals around to have it for less) it is all you need to get to your destination in the best time.

TomTom has also released a new book called Alfie’s Story and you can redeem a complimentary copy online by uploading your purchase receipt within 21 days from the date of purchase at

Disclaimer: I was sent a TomTom Go 5000 for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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