The Tefal OptiGrill – Well done!!

We love a good steak but so far it has always been enjoyed at a restaurant or a pub as we can never seem to get it to just that right consistency. Now, with the Tefal OptiGrill, I have a professional steak chef in my own kitchen.

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This product is AMAZING and it’s not just because I am on the Tefal Innovation Panel.

When you look at the Tefal OptiGrill, it looks like a simple kitchen gadget that is much like a large sandwich maker. Don’t be fooled!

This clever kitchen must-have is able to work wonders on a steak and get it done just how you like it –  rare, medium or well done without you lifting a finger!!

I had already seen how the OptiGrill works when I went down to London last week for another meeting with the Tefal Innovation Panel members. Of course, before that I had been coveting it, having seen it on the Tefal Facebook Page.

I was over the moon to have it delivered on Tuesday and had to try it out that very evening.

We had rump steaks and before that I had grilled some potatoes as the children love potatoes. So, let’s see how I got on.

Well, all you really need to do is to switch on the Tefal OptiGrill – as in press the ‘ON’ Switch.  Then choose the product you are cooking – fish, meat, sausages, burgers, bacon and manual mode. There is also an option to cook food directly from the freezer and again the cooking time adjusts accordingly.

The LED indicator starts flashing purple and lets you know with a beep once it is ready. This is the pre heating mode.

At this stage you put your food onto the grill plate. The automatic sensor of the OptiGrill is able to discern the thickness of the food and estimate cooking time which I must say is rather clever.

It starts cooking and the LED now shines blue to begin the searing stage. When it goes green it begins the actual cooking process. It then goes into yellow and at this stage you take the steak out if you like it rare. Or, carry on cooking till it reaches orange which means your steak is medium. If you like it well done which we do at home, you cook it further till the LED flashes red and then beeps. This is when you remove your perfect, well done steak.

Red = well done
Incline helps the fat to drip off

We were a little sceptical that the meat could be done in 7 minutes flat but we had no need to worry. When we cut through it, it was perfect and tasted great too. I must mention that I was especially impressed with the even cooking.

The grilled potatoes were easy to do as well and I served the steak with potatoes and greens and some garlic bread.


Dinner went down well with everyone – the only problem is they want it every night.

The children also love toasted sandwiches so the next morning I made grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. I used the manual mode for this and it took 3 minutes to preheat and 2 minutes to grill the sandwich.


The plates are at an incline so they allow the fat to drip off into the tray, leaving you with a very healthy meal. To make life easier, they also have the lovely non-stick coating that we associate with Tefal.

Cleaning the OptiGrill is even easier than you think. Between cooking different items you need to just pour a little water on the grill plates and the heat from the plates generates steam which clears away any particles leaving it ready for the next batch of food. After you have finished cooking entirely, you can remove the plates and wash in the dishwasher or by hand.

The Tefal OptiGrill is easily becoming a favourite kitchen gadget and I have left it on my kitchen top so I don’t need to keep taking it out.


*Disclaimer: I am on the Tefal Innovation Panel and I received the Tefal OptiGrill for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.




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