The Summers over – its Back to School

The summer holidays are now at an end – many have already begun school. Its time to pack away those bright summer clothes and take out the rain jackets and maybe even thicker ones for the autumn because believe me it will come soon.


We have enjoyed the summer and indeed the weather gods have been very kind to us. We have had some excellent sunshine for most of the holiday. For us the holiday has been busy. We’ve been doing things in and around the UK and it has been loads of fun. We’ve been to beaches, attractions, Pick your own farms and caught up on visiting relatives.


So now, pack up those strappy sandals, the flip flops, those sarongs and the tank tops and get ready for the school run! Literally!! I know what my home is like every morning.

Normally I am a kind of last minute person but this year I am pleased to say I am on top of the return to school.

The uniforms are bought – even down to the shoes which is normally my worst nightmare. But it’s all done – yeah!!

All the name labelling is done thanks to Stamptastic.


Lunch boxes are ready, art aprons,pencil cases and yes, even bag tags again thanks to Stuck On You.

This year in fact, is a little more special (and a little more busy) as my little boy starts school. I am a proud mummy as well as a bit sad as I know I will miss him during the day.

The pep talks have started especially with my girl who is now going to Year 4 – so the same ‘this year is a difficult one, you must work hard, concentrate etc’. And like every year she nods her head knowing she’s heard it all before and will again.

With my little boy, I am looking forward to starting new things with him and it makes me really nostalgic as I think of the day Jadyn started school. Sniff! Sniff!

With going back to school, I also know that the weather we have enjoyed so far is coming to an end and it will soon be days of rain and snow to follow. But then, on the bright side – it will soon be Christmas. Nativity plays, shopping, decorating the tree, presents – my favourite time of year!

So, this year I am ready for school (the school run is a different issue with 3 of them to get ready).

How ready are you?


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