The Subway Inside Out Experience

We attended a very lovely event with Subway recently and when we first received the invitation, the children couldn’t stop talking about it. For one, they love Subway and two – they were longing to see Disney’s new film – Inside Out.

We had seen the trailer to Inside Out last year when we had gone to see another film with the children.

inside out

Subway invited us to the Vue at Leicester Square for this exciting event. There was face painting and a balloon maker and a delicious Subway lunch.


The children were provided with a Subway Kids Pack which contained a sandwich, a Capri Sun Fruit crush and a Bear Pure Fruit Yo Yo. And it was all provided in a very special little messenger bag based on the Inside Out theme.


The sanwiches are about 4 inches and there is a range of fillings – ham, turkey breast, beef and veggie delight. Aeryn and Jadyn tried out the ham and Ethan had the turkey breast. They enjoyed their meal and it was wholesome (I know this for sure because they didn’t ask for popcorn at the movie)

We were provided with some yummy sandwiches too and I particularly liked the spicy Mediterranean one.

The girls had some face painting done.

inside out 1

And then it was time to settle down and watch the film.

The film (if you don’t already know) is about a little girl called Riley whose family moves home and the emotions and feelings she has while adjusting. The film is more about the emotions  – Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear and how they react to situations that Riley goes through.  Joy controls the HQ (the brain) and leaves Riley with happy emotions most of the time. But when there is a malfunction, Joy and Sadness get transported out of headquarters leaving the others to hold the fort with disastrous consequences. Do Joy and Sadness get back in time to save the day? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

We enjoyed the film and the children thought it was great. I think it is more aimed at slightly older children as you would need to follow the dialogue to catch the essence of the movie. It is not your normal Disney film filled with songs. If you’ve ever wondered what is going on inside someone’s head (especially your child’s), you need to watch this.

I love the way the different themes – family, friendship and hockey – are portrayed as they are pretty much what makes up any child (swap hockey for their own interest of course).

It was interesting to see that Joy and Sadness were seen to be more allies than opposites when in a problem.

Jadyn identified with the film more, I think and she has been recommending it to her friends ever since.

A great film for the summer.


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