The Spy Lover by Kiana Davenport

Title: The Spy Lover

Author: Kiana Davenport
Length: 303 pages
Format: Paperback/ eBook
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
Buy Link: Amazon


Thrust into the savagery of the Civil War, a Chinese immigrant serving in the Union Army, a nurse doubling as a spy for the North, and a one-armed Confederate cavalryman find their lives inextricably entwined.
Fleeing drought and famine in China, Johnny Tom arrives in America with dreams of becoming a citizen. Having survived vigilantes hunting “yellow dogs” and slave auction- blocks, Johnny is kidnapped from his Mississippi village by Confederate soldiers, taken from his wife and daughter, and forced to fight for the South. Eventually defecting to the Union side, he is promised American citizenship in exchange for his loyal services. But first Johnny must survive the butchery of battles and the cruelties inflicted on non-white soldiers.
Desperate to find Johnny, his daughter, Era, is enlisted as a spy. She agrees to work as a nurse at Confederate camps while scouting for the North. Amidst the unspeakable carnage of wounded soldiers, she finds solace in Warren Petticomb, a cavalryman who lost an arm at Shiloh. As devastation mounts in both armies, Era must choose where her loyalties lie—with her beloved father in the North, or with the man who passionately sustains her in the South.
A novel of extraordinary scope that will stand as a defining work on the Chinese immigrant experience, The Spy Lover is a paean to the transcendence of love and the resilience of the human spirit


The Spy Lover was a very enlightening read. Well researched with a lot of insight into the Civil War, it is definitely headed for success.

The three main characters – Johnny, Eva and Warren are emotionally portrayed making the reader  really get ‘into’ their lives. Johnny –  a Chinese man, comes from China to America in search of a future. Instead he is kidnapped and made to join the fight against the south in the US Civil War, where he is treated in the worst possible way because he is not white. His daughter Eva becomes a spy in order to search for her father and meets Warren a Confederate soldier from whom she hides her past.

A poignant romance, a history retold – The Spy Lover is a book that you will be unable to put

Five Stars all the way!!

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