The Smurfs2 – Exclusive Screening

Every so often I get an invite to an event that I know we will enjoy as a family. It also helps that these events are on the weekend so the entire family can take part.

This time it was even more exciting as it was an invitation to see “The Smurfs2” and be privy to the new Smurfs collection of toys from Jakks Toys. What could be better? A double whammy!


The event was organized by Norton and Co on behalf of Jakks Toys.


The children were obviously excited and we had been smurfing the web for costumes as a little birdie told us that there would be a costume competition. Alas, the costumes did not arrive in time but we were still raring to go.

On the day, Aeryn was not too well so she had to stay home with Hubs. We (Jadyn, Ethan and myself) took the tube into London to the venue Odeon Covent Garden and it was pretty easy to find.

We were early for the 9.30 show and for a Sunday, I would say that was pretty good going. While we waited out in the queue, we could peep into the foyer and see the preparations and the children got more excited.


We registered and then were able to choose a drink and popcorn and sweets to head off to watch the film. There were some colouring sheets and pens/crayons in case younger children got bored.

We were checked for Smurf essence before we entered.









The Smurfs2 – the movie- was fabulous. We actually enjoyed it even though I have heard people say that the sequel was not that good. In our opinion, it was better than the first. It had a bit of adventure, humour and some touching moments when Smurfette thought she had been forgotten. It also had an underlying message – family members always stick by each other. The usual characters of Smurfs were in it – Gargamel, Azrael, Patrick, Grace, Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Smurfette and Grouchy. There were additions – Vanity, Blue (Grace and Patrick’s son), Patrick’s Step Father- Victor and of course the Naughties – Vexy and Hackus, who are very cute and can’t help being naughty.

Jadyn loved the flight of Smurfette with the Naughties on the storks best, Ethan loved the bit when the Smurfs go to Paris and the magic show and I loved the parts that showed how families stick together.

I think it is a movie for the entire family and it is one that should be a must for the holidays.


After the film, there was still a lot to do. The children go to take their photos with Smurfette and we got a copy, we met Papa Smurf, learnt the Smurf handshake, made Smurf essence, went on a treasure hunt, took a peek into Smurf land and generally had a great time.


This was all very well organized by Norton and Co who hired Smurf performers to entertain the children.

There were prizes handed out to the best dressed Smurfs. Everyone was given a goody bag and we went home Smurfastically Happy!!

We also got a preview of Smurfs2 toys which have been launched by Jakks Toys and the goody bag contained one of these.


We now have a Smurf poster on the wall and things are all still very ‘Smurfy’ at home.

We had our own version of hiding the Smurfs last evening and the children enjoyed themselves.

A big Thank you to Norton and Co and Jakks Toys for a Smurftastic time on Sunday.


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