The Secret I can Finally Reveal – Dora and Friends

I have been carrying around a big secret.

Some time ago I was invited with Aeryn to a very special (and secret) event  by Nickelodeon/ Nick Jr.

We were shown a few clips from a new television serial that looked familiar and yet not.

You see, we are used to seeing the younger version of this little girl on the series. Yes, I am talking about Dora the Explorer.


We are soon going to see the launch of a new Dora series  – Dora and Friends which shows her older and having moved to Playa Verde, a metropolis. She has joined school and is now accompanied by real friends – Alana, Emma, Pablo, Naiya and Kate. Each friend has they own special ability that many children can identify with.


She still solves problems now has a magical charm bracelet and a Map App (we must change with the times) to help her.

Dora looks really cute and has changed her hairstyle and her character to suit her age.


I was quite taken by what I saw and I so wanted to tell everyone about it. I really liked the realistic view of Dora, bringing her into familiar settings of school and the city. I absolutely loved the songs in it. Yes, I was shown a little bit of the series before anyone else in the UK. Well, ok, me and a couple of other bloggers.


We also had a chat about the psychological and developmental changes in children from age 2 – 6.

I was really quite thrilled to see the new Dora because I know that now all my children will not mind sitting down and watching it all together as Jadyn finds Dora the Explorer too ‘young’ for her.

Dora is due to air in November in the UK and I can’t wait to introduce my children to the new series.

I shall be bringing you more news about the new Dora and Friends so please do come back and visit often.

If you would like to watch a few videos of the new Dora and Friends series you can do so here –

To know more about the series go to Nick Jr. UK

I cannot wait to see it on telly and I bet after seeing the video clips, you will not too.

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