The search is on for Britain’s Best Blanket Fort

With the weather as it is, it is difficult to keep the children entertained all the time. A good way to entertain them is to involve them in something they can build themselves and play in.

I remember when I was young I would love to make dens with bedding and then play dolls with my sister. We would try and make them as huge as possible so that even when friends came over, we would play together.

The Furniture Market is running this amazing competition where they are inviting you to go back to your childhood and create a den with your children. The prize? To win a choice of entry tickets to top UK attractions or Love2Shop vouchers to the value of £100

We do have a tent that the children play in but nothing beats the fun and the sense of achievement of building one’s own.

blanket fort 2

This fort is lovely as it can be as large as you like. We used two door handles in the hallway and two chairs to make a lovely den. The children then added some cushions and their favourite toys and they were out of the way for some time – playing in their very own customised den.

blanket fort

Our tips on building the perfect den –

  • Let your imagination run free and imagine what you would like your den to look like (there are some limitations of course) 🙂
  • Choose a safe place to build the den – far from anything that can fall on the den and injure someone.
  • The more cushions and toys the better and yes you do need blankets for the inside too.
  • Take a board game in for added fun
  • Most of all – involve the entire family.

If you would like to win one of the prizes mentioned above, all you need do is  – build a fort, take a photograph of it and post the picture on The Furniture Market’s Facebook wall, Tweet a picture, tagging @Furniture Market using hashtag #blanketfortcomp or upload to Instagram and tag @furnituremarket

It’s fun and there is a prize – why would you not enter?

This is a competition being run by the Furniture Market

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