The Rubiks Collection: A Review

I am really thrilled when the children play with toys/games that I have played with. It doesn’t make me feel that old.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was thrilled to be chosen as an Ideal Games blogger . As a welcome, the lovely people at Ideal Games sent us some Rubik’s goodies.


We were sent a Rubik’s Cube, which I have been trying to solve for some time now (well, since I got it) and have only managed one side. I am definitely doing something wrong. Jadyn also tries her hand at it and I think this is ideal for keeping the children off gadgets for a while. I take it with me in the car sometimes so that children can have a go at it. Since it is small enough to carry around, it is a perfect car game.

rubiks 3

I love the quality of this one as I have had some Rubik’s cubes from other manufacturers and they have come apart. This one is perfect.

We even received a smaller version of it in key ring form and this is ideal for carrying on bus journeys and while waiting at GP surgeries or dentists. It’s really cute.

rubiks 4

I love the Rubik’s Twist and though it looks easy, it is not that easy to make all the designs and we are still getting our head around a few shapes. But we have managed these easy ones and the children love trying them out. Another great game to carry when travelling. I love the new ‘twist’ on the Rubik’s Cube.


We were also sent a game called Rubik’s Race and this one is perfect for younger children. It is a race to see how fast you can create the pattern given.

rubiks 5

Shake the Scrambler and create the similar pattern with the 9 tiles in the centre. The pattern must be copied as one sees it so at the end you have a mirror image of the pattern on both sides. Once the pattern is complete, turn the frame down to win.

There are never-ending options to the game as you can create random arrangements and these are all mentioned in the instructions.

rubiksWe created our own and tried to make the initial on our first names which was loads of fun.

I really like this game as it is easy for younger children to play too and get them thinking. Ethan is 5 and he enjoys playing it. Jadyn is pretty good at it.

All the games are of a very good quality and we are enjoying playing with them as a family. The great thing about these games is that you can either play them individually or challenge other family members.

A big thanks to Ideal Games for sending these through as they have sorted out some of the holiday activities.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review as an Ideal Games Blogger. All ideas and opinions are my own and have in no way been influenced.

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