The Picture Perfect Valentine Card – ELC Valentine Art Challenge

Valentine’s Day is a day that you either love or you loathe! I am part of the love half. I think it is great to have a special day dedicated to love. I remember however that Valentine’s Day used to be a day especially for lovers. Now, however, things seem to have changed and it is a day to celebrate love – between couples, siblings, parents and children and even your toys. I think this is rather nice as we can sometimes, being caught up in our busy lives, forget to tell or show people we love just how much we care.


It’s nice to be able to give that special someone something special. It does not have to be expensive but it should come from the heart and I think the nicest way to do it is to make something on your own – a card, a special dish, a little gift?

When I was approached by the ELC to take part in their special Valentine’s Day Challenge, I knew that children would love to get crafting and make a card for someone they love.

We were provided with some products to produce the card or the gift but we put our heads together and thought hard as to what to make and who for. Ethan came up with the idea of making a card for Grandma and sending it to heaven to show her how much we still love and miss her. Awww….

Jadyn wanted to make a photo frame to send Grandma and then combined the two ideas to make a card that was a photo frame. Great idea!

Collage toolbox

We received a Collage Toolbox that contains pompoms, gems, foam letters, streamers, coloured pipe cleaners, lolly sticks, beads, elastic thread, coloured shapes, a glitter pen and a glue pen and some tissue paper. We also received some a pack of card paper and some glitter shapes.

collage kit

I have to say the collage toolbox is really handy to have. I would put all the craft things in a shoe box but it is so much nicer to have the compartments so that things are easier to find.

Here is how we did it –

Choose a piece of card and fold the card in half.


On one half (the top of your card) leave about 2 – 3 cm around the edges and draw a rectangle.


Cut out the rectangle on three sides so that it forms a flap.

val3 Fold this sheet out flat and stick another piece of A4 size card below it.

You should be able to see the other bit of card beneath the flap. This forms the back of the frame and the inside of the card.

Fold the A4 card sheet in half to work on your Valentine card.


We kept it simple and used the heart cut out to stick on the top.



Then we used the glitter to draw another heart around it and then stuck a red heart jewel in the centre.


We used some of the thin craft streamers to stick around the frame and then all we had to do was stick a picture in.



Valentine Card
The Picture Perfect Valentine Card

The inside reads –

Darling Grandma,

Happy Valentine’s Day.

We love you and miss you.

Jadyn, Ethan and Aeryn

Right, now all we have to do is send it by Angel Post to Heaven, where Grandma lives.

Disclosure: I was provided with the porducts above to help us create the Valentine card. All ideas and opinions are completely our own.


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