The Opera …..and me!

I have a confession to make – I can never understand the opera. I mean, I see people watching it in tears, so strongly affected are they at the opera but I for one can’t understand something that is mostly in a different language. Now of course, the lack of understanding may be due to the fact that I have never been to one and it’s a question of sour grapes.

I would actually love to go to the opera but unfortunately have not found anyone who is interested in going with me. I know that there is a huge choice of operas in London and since I live near, it would not be difficult to get to one.

I am familiar with some of the composers as I have had to play pieces of their music when I gave my piano examinations. Composers like Mozart, Vivaldi, Handel and DeBussy are familiar to me and I love their music.

The terms soprano, tenor and contralto are also recognizable to me as I have always enjoyed singing and music.

Yet, I have never been to the opera.


The West End in London teems with musicals and operas and the other day when I typed in ‘Opera London’ into Google, just out of curiosity, I was met with a host of choices. I am thinking that this Christmas I will definitely biting the bullet and going to the Opera even if I have to go for it alone.

It has always looked so romantic in movies when a couple goes to the opera. Everyone dresses up in fine clothes and sips champagne. Remember the scene from ‘Pretty Woman’?


You know what ? I think this opera thing sounds more and more appealing. I mean if I am going to one, I would have to have ‘the’ dress, ‘the’ shoes, maybe even hire a chauffeured car for the evening. Much like Cinderella going to the ball!

Now all I need to do is find my Fairy Godmother!

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