The #NoCordsAttached Event at Dyson

Saturdays are normally days kept aside to spend with the family. We may attend blogging events but they are usually as a family.

However, a couple of weeks back I was invited to a rather exciting event on my own. It did not include any pampering or anything but rather included a bit of vacuuming!! Was I mad to go?

Read on and I’m sure you’ll agree that I couldn’t say no this one.

I was invited to an event held by Dyson and Currys and PC World and we were going to be trying out the Dyson V6 machine.

For those of you who do not know what the V6 Total Clean machine is, here are a few features –

  • Direct Drive head which agitates carpet pile tackling ground-in sills and stains.
  • Hard floor cleaner head tackles dust and debris
  • Digital Motor V6 which helps keep the machines slim while not compromising on the power.

The V6 Total Clean machine is sold exclusively at Currys and is an amazing machine.

But I didn’t really take their word for it even though we were treated to a short presentation by a Dyson engineer Matt Kelly. I decided to put the Dyson machines to the test myself. Thank goodness, they were prepared. We were taken to a room which looked quite like my house after breakfast before the school run. 🙂 There were oats, coffee, rice, pieces of paper and cheerios.

In the next hour or so, I, together with other bloggers, got to try out the different machines with the different heads on different surfaces. The V6 Total Clean was so easy to use – not very heavy and it glides so smoothly over the surfaces to leave no trail of debris or dust.

And the machines do what they say. The V6 Total Clean is the machine for me. I can see myself using it day in and day out with the children. I barely vacuum and they’ve asked for crisps and the room’s a mess again. Sometimes, I just leave it as is as I can’t be fussed to take out my vacuum cleaner every turn and twist. With the cordless feature, I can see myself having a cleaner house as it will be easy to take it around.

I also feel that the having no cords make for easier manouvering.


Here’s the Story-



My home normally looks like this –


But the Dyson V6 makes it  –



And best of all, it comes with –


And yes -the best part. I will be reviewing the Dyson V6 Total Clean soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.


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