The new Moshi Karts App is here…


The children, being huge Moshi Monster fans and lovers of the iPad, have been waiting for this for some time now. When I told them that there was a new Moshi Monster racing app out, they asked whether they could have it. Normally, I have to tell them no, as I try not to purchase too many apps. I don’t mind them trying out the free ones as they kind of los interest so quickly and I think it’s a waste to keep buying apps.

karts_screen01 (1)

On this occasion, however, I was quite pleased to tell them that I had already downloaded it. It is a Moshi Monster App and it is FREE. Double whammy!!


Moshi Karts™ is an endless runner style game; which are hugely successful on mobile devices. The game sees players hurtle through the world of Moshi, dodging and destroying oncoming obstacles to beat evil Dr Strangeglove’s terrible traps in this blisteringly fast one finger racing game.

karts_screen05 (5)

As the endless runner style is so popular on mobile gaming, Mind Candy have taken this simple control mechanic people loved and combine it with a feeling of progression – this is why they introduced a level based system. No other racing games have taken the Endless Runner control system (one finger racing!) and paired it with level based progression. Doing this allows the game to introduce new locations, enemies and obstacles over time so the player keeps getting to see something new.

karts_screen03 (1)

The children are enjoying the app and I am really happy that this has finally been released – we have been waiting for this.

Disclosure: Advertorial feature.

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