The New Locksies Dolls from Bandai: Review

We love Harumika at home. Jadyn can spend hours designing her own clothes. However, she did mention something to me once – ‘Mum, I wish this was a doll instead of a mannequin’.

Well, it looks like Bandai overheard her comments because here is the latest from them – a doll that you can style and dress – the Locksies doll.

Bandai Locksies Dolls


We were sent Elli – a lovely little doll with purple hair.

elli -locksies

The doll which is about 15cm high comes with 3 pieces of fabric, 2 belts, shoes, accessories – glasses and a really cute stylus.


The Locksies doll is based on a similar model of the Harumika dress designing sets and has a slit in the body at the back of the doll into which you can push the fabric for the design so that it is secure.


This doll is great for both creative and imaginative play and I think at Jadyn’s age where she can’t make up her mind whether she would like a doll or some makeup, it is a toy that she enjoys playing with. She can get creative and she can also play with the doll.

Elli is quite a pretty doll too and we love her purple hair that definitely makes a fashion statement.

I like Harumika sets because you can use other fabrics from the home for designing. Of course, just be careful that you don’t have your favourite dress cut up to use to fashion your child’s doll.

Locksies 3

There are 4 Locksies dolls to collect Rikki, Mikki, Kari and Elli. A perfect gift for a little girl – the doll is targeted to girls aged 4 -10.

Priced at £11, these dolls are great value for money as they are very well detailed and of an excellent quality.

Introducing a new girls’ brand inspired by the award winning range Harumika, Locksies give girls aged five to nine a unique and fun way to be a real designer. The stylish dolls have a simple ‘style & lock’ design feature, which enables girls to change their designs and customise their Locksies over and over again with no need for glue or scissors. There are four dolls to collect and each one comes with three pieces of fabric, two ribbons, hair accessories and a pair of shoes. Also included in the range are stylish room play sets and a trendy transforming car that turns into a vanity studio. RRP £6-£30
Disclaimer: I was sent the above doll to try out with my daughter. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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