The New Lacura Suncare Range from Aldi

The weather hasn’t exactly been the kind where you need to slap the sunscreen on, has it? But if you’ve been on holiday or will be going on holiday to sunnier climes, you’ll probably need some. For affordable holiday sun creams – check to Lacura.

Lacura from Aldi is the new range of suncreams/sprays for the whole family.

We were sent a range of products to try and when we managed to find some sunny days out we used them.

In fact, the Lacura SPF 30 sun spray has recently been revealed as the lowest costing sunspray to pass Which? SPF testing too.

How did we get on with the Lacura range?

We tried the SPF 30 sun Spray, the protective oil spray and the aftersun moisturising spray.


For the prices, these products are amazing. I remember I paid a good amount for sunscreen while on holiday in France. It’s great to be able to buy sincere products on a budget.

The spray is easy to apply and offers good protection with an SPF 30.

The aftersun moisturising spray is perfect for when you’ve spent some time in the sun. It helps keep the skin hydrated and soothes and cools the skin if you’ve overdone it. It contains Aloe Vera so you’ll know that it has cooling properties.

The protective oil spray has a smooth feel to it. It helps protect the skin from getting burnt and it great for a day at the beach.

There are more products in the range and you can check them out here – Aldi Skincare

In fact you can buy a bundle of sincere lotions and sprays for just £9.99

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