The Minions at BT Tower

Where I thought half term would mean lie-ins and late breakfasts, I was so wrong.

We had received invitations to some amazing events and all meant an early start.

One of these was an invitation to BT Tower to celebrate the new Minions movie being released on the BT store on the 2nd of November.


The day involved a screening of the film as well as a trip to the top of the tower to take in the view.

We hadn’t seen the Minions film when it released in the cinemas so this was a treat. And what a treat – the children were thrilled to be provided with a popcorn and pick and mix sweets on entry into the screening room.


Of course, the minions never cease to send the children into fits of giggles and they enjoyed the film. This, though released after Despicable Me, tells the story of the minions before they started working for Gru. It is a fast paced film and the children were more excited as they identified places in London in the film. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do.

After the movie we went to the top of the tower, whooshing up in the lift at 1400 ft per minute. And we didn’t feel a thing.



On reaching the top, the view was breathtaking.


And we had Bob, Kevin and Stuart waiting for us too.


There was face painting,

Jacinta (3)

balloon art

Minions and BT Tower

and colouring in and we were treated to a scrumptious feast for lunch.

Maccaroni cheese

And then, at the end of it all, the children were given amazing goody bags with Minion plush toys that they just love.

We had a wonderful day, thanks to BT – the children can’t stop talking about it.

Remember that you can catch the Minions movie on BT at the moment. Follow @BT_UK for the latest news. Also visit the BT website to find out what’s on TV.

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