The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes Review

The Legend of Zelda TriForce Heroes is quite different to other games in the Zelda series.

You don’t play as a single player but play in a team of three to solve puzzles.

You can play as a single player with doppels but these can be quite frustrating and the games just takes longer as you need to work as a totem each time and switch heroes. thelegendofzeld131240_lut

The essence of the game is to save Princess Styla from her horrible fate of having to be clothed in black after the witch casts a spell on her.


Only a hero can save her.

The puzzles are very satisfying and there is an amazing accompanying soundtrack that makes you want to play the game over and over.


There are many costumes to unlock and there are also different level designs and boss battles that make it very, very interesting. It does take a little bit of working out so it is targetted to children over 7.

We are enjoying playing the game and think it’s perfect for Zelda fans.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above game for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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