The joy of having house plants

I have always loved to have plants at home. Unfortunately I tend not to keep them as I don’t seem to have green fingers hence most plants have always died on me.

I do however love having plants around so when I was given an opportunity to review these house plants by The Joy of Plants, I was more than thrilled.

3 succulents were delivered to me and they look really lovely on my window sill. They are leafy plants with plump leaves. One has green leaves, one plum and another green furry type leaves. You can tell I don’t know much about plants, can you?


These plants, I was told, are easy maintenance and require water only during the summer. In the winter months they require little or no water.

I am not sure what the plants I have are called but it has been 1 month and they have not died on me, so for anyone without green fingers, I would say these are the plants to have. It has not been easy though, and I have had them needing water some days when it was especially warm and me giving them obviously too much – so much that their leaves rotted and then I had to resort to drought tactics and leave them without water only to see them drying up. Anyway, I now have the perfect balance and the plants are still alive on my window sill. I love looking at them and so do the children.


They look nice too especially on the window sill or even on a centre table. There are also many other varieties of succulents so you have a wide array to choose from depending on the colours that you may want to complement your room.


It is a strangely peaceful feeling that one gets when you look at plants. It also seems to bring out the caring, nurturing side. I love checking for new leaves and even the children come squealing in delight when they see a new one. I can assure you that these plants are also the perfect listeners when you need to rant. (I have been told one should talk to their plants, not sure if ranting helps though)

It is also great for the children to have plants and learn about them first hand. Also great to give them a bit of responsibility of watering the plants and taking care of them.


In spite of me unable to get it right in the beginning, these plants are doing well now, so I would highly recommend them if you think you don’t have green fingers. I have been told that in winter, they don’t require any water so it really is easy maintenance where these ones are concerned. Besides they look really nice, so there is nothing to lose by getting them for the home.

I didn’t realise that there is such a wide variety of succulents and some of them look really great.

The Joy of Plants also hosts competitions on their Facebook page every month so it would be great to enter and win the plant of the month. The plants they feature every month really are lovely.


Disclaimer: I received the three succulents from Joy of Plants. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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