The Joy of Giving at Christmas

I think in all the madness in the run up to Christmas, we forget the most important message of all – spreading joy.

Yes, it is lovely to get a present and to me it’s not how expensive it is but more a gift bought from the heart. I wouldn’t mind a bar of chocolate if the person bought took the trouble of finding out my favourite bar and getting it for me. Or even a personal card would do.

My favourite tradition has always been the one of giving presents. I remember when we were young we all bought gifts for each other even if it meant an inexpensive pen or socks. But we spent out own money and went out shopping with a list.

This is exactly why I love the tradition in my children’s school. Every year there’s a Christmas shop. Children take in money and buy from a variety of things like torches, games, key chains etc. They cost from about 20p upto about £2.

This year I helped out in the shop. It was so sweet to see children from as young as Reception buying gifts for the members of their family. Many of them fell short but they were so adorable that I pitched in where I could. Trustingly, when I quoted the price, they would hand me their purse to take the required amount. And I loved the fact that they were thinking of others rather than themselves. They were thinking of fitting presents for their loved ones and not just anything would do. They were quite selective with their purchases.

I remember this one little girl who came and asked me how much a particular Frozen book cost. £2 pounds it was but she had no money left. It was for her and I loved her honesty so I told her to have it and pitched it in for her. The smile on her face made me feel like the man in red himself.

There is really nothing better than the joy of giving.

This year Christmas 24 (the channel that brings so many beautiful Christmas stories to your telly) spread the joy of giving in Birmingham New Street station. I won’t tell you what the story is about but watching it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside.


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