The Home collection from House of Fraser

I love walking into House of Fraser stores and having a look around even if I don’t have anything to buy. The danger of that, of course, is that I always come out of the store with something because there is such a wonderful collection available.

I was sent some vouchers to purchase some products from the store and it was really difficult to choose what to get. Everything is so lovely.

I loved their bedlinen collection – there are some amazing products there. Here are some of my favourites.

house of fraser


In the end, I picked up this really nice photo frame. I have been looking for a suitable one for some time now but haven’t found something that fit the bill. I found this a perfect frame for the kids’ school photo.

The Linea Gold Effect Twist Design Frame is trendy and elegant. It looks lovely and is perfect for a gift especially with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day around the corner.


I had gone with my daughter so she thought it was time that our mugs needed updating and I picked up these lovely mugs for Hubs and myself.


They are lovely and large and just what I need when I need a coffee. A large cup. In the morning. These would again be ideal gifts and are priced at £6 each.

Disclaimer: I was provided with some vouchers to purchase some products. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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