The growing popularity of online gaming


Social gaming has been a practice since the ancient civilizations only perhaps very different to how it’s practised today. It is the age of technology so one can only expect that all the games one once played offline are now online. Do these games actually appeal more online?

There are some reasons why online games are more popular –

  • You can play whenever and wherever you want. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.
  • You always have someone to play with as there are players playing in different time zones all around the world.
  • There is normally no opportunity to cheat as it is all computerised.
  • You can play at a level that suits you – beginner, intermediate and professional.
  • Besides, there is such a wide choice of games online that you can quite easily flit from one game to another by opening different windows.

Morgan Stanley had projected that online gaming could be a $5.2 billion business by 2020.

In fact, recent years has seen the rise in popularity of different games. One of the reasons of the increase is the ease of use of the different Apps being made available. Almost all the online games have mobile friendly versions in Apps that help the players remain connected while on the go, even on their phones.

One example of a game that has become popular online is the Bingo. Nowadays, when people talk of Bingo, the image of halls with numbers being called out and people sitting in lines to strike lucky has been replaced by the image of colourful sites or Apps that allow gamers to play online. It has been made so easy that more and more people are spending their Saturday nights indoors to play a game of Bingo. The ease of being able to play from the comfort of one’s home and not even requiring a partner appeals to many.

There are many bingo sites with a free signup bonus making the idea of playing even more attractive. In fact many advertisements on the television accentuate this offer. I have to admit that I have gone and check out an online bingo site after seeing advertisements that offer welcome bonuses. Besides, these bonuses are very often quite generous.

I quite enjoy playing Bingo with the family. Of course, I have also played the online version without the family. 🙂

It is so easy to set up an account and begin playing. You can choose your cards and the numbers are automatically struck out for you. Seeing a winning notice, no matter how small the win, never fails to bring joy.

Of course, besides Bingo, there are many other online games that are gaining popularity like Hay Day and FarmVille. Being able to interact with users on Facebook make these even more popular as you can compete with your friends and send them requests to help you out to make the games even more interesting.

One must not forget the gaming platforms like Nintendo, Playstation and X-box where gamers pit their wits against avatars to emerge victorious. These platforms bring a whole new world of gaming into our homes and children and adults are hooked. With HD games and videos, people are able to play real time and engage in life like pursuits like sports and games and even workout to keep in fit health for e.g – Wii Fit



These though ever popular with the youth, Bingo still remains a favourite with the older generation.

For me, as long as I’m winning, I’m in the game!

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