The Great British John Adams Bake Off

We are very interested in baking and we are always up to try things that are involve baking or cooking or creating drinks.

Luckily we get loads of opportunities to do this and when we were sent some products from John Adams that involved making tasty delicacies, the children could not wait to get started.

Mini Makes Cupcakes

This set involved making cupcakes. No, not ordinary cupcakes but more little chocolate treat that tasted just amazing.


The instructions were easy to follow and since it didn’t involve baking it was easy for the children to do on their own too. Of course, I didn’t allow them to do so on their own. I needed to be able to lick spoons too. You do need the chocolate and the biscuit to make these treats but once one the look and taste amazing.


The Mini Makes Cupcakes set comes with everything you need to make the shapes and the designs and it also comes with little cake boxes and a cake stand too.


The next product was MixUbbles. From the name itself, you’ll know it’s lots of fun. It is a candy flavoured drinks maker.


This was one the kids enjoyed as they got to try out some fizzy drinks and right after they made them themselves. What fun!


Again, the instructions were very clear and the children could make the product on their own. It was also perfect safe and involved no cases for accidents(unless of course they spilt the drink!!)

And the favourite – Chocolate Lolly Maker

The Lolly Maker kit came with some really sweet moulds to make the perfect chocolate lollies to give to friends. It consists of moulds, plastic sheets to wrap the lollies, lolly sticks and ribbon for that added touch. There are even moulds for different messages like ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘I love you’ that you can stick on to the melted chocolate to let your lolly carry a message.


All you need is some chocolate that you melt and put into the moulds. Pop it in the fridge to set and you have some really lovely lollies that carry a sweet little message on them too.


The Chocolate Lolly Maker is perfect for parties where children can make their own lollies or you can make some to hand out.


Disclaimer: I was sent the above products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 



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