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DSC06307      I recently had an opportunity to review The Gobstopper – an online shop for retro sweets, chocolate and fudge and it was a real treat!

If you cannot walk past a Pick n Mix counter at a mall without buying some, you will just    love the new ‘Click ‘N’ Mix’ from gobstopper. Acting like a online pick and mix store, all you need to do is choose a jar which comes in Small – 3 items for £9.99, Medium – 5 items for £17.99 and Large – 10 items for £39.99; then add your choice of items according to what you have purchased; checkout and wait for your sweet treat to arrive.

I reviewed the Small jar with 3 items. I chose the chocolate mice, Almond Nougat and Clotted Cream Fudge. It took about 2 days for the product to arrive from the date that I placed the order. The children could not wait for the jar to arrive .When it did, I was just as pleased as I have a sweet tooth. It came in a lovely kilner jar that is ideal for storing little sweets.DSC06308


The chocolate mice were just yummy and tasted a lot like chocolate fudge which was really nice. The nougat was not tough but really soft and chewy and the clotted cream fudge was just delicious.

There are a lot of gift ideas on the website and delivery is free with orders of £15 and more.

I thought both the site and the sweets were great and would recommend Gobstopper especially for an occasion. Of course you don’t need an occasion to have a sweet treat so just go ahead to the website and place an order. You will not be disappointed.


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