The First Week of the Summer Holidays 2017…

It’s the summer holidays and though it’s been ONLY a week (in full), it sometimes feels like forever. The children are forever hungry or thirsty AND bored.

And I can’t see why, because we’ve had some amazing days out.

Last Monday, we headed out to Oxygen Freejumping for a morning of trampolining and having fun.


On Tuesday, we were off to Stafford for a Design A Friend Fashion Show Party and Afternoon Tea at Weston Hall that the kids loved. Well, the girls did. Ethan sat and played on his DS throughout.

Wednesday was a sort of rest day but Aeryn made her video reviews for her new You Tube Channel. More on this soon.


We were off to Great Missenden for an amazing event at the Roald Dahl Museum with Mr Kipling (yes the one with cakes)


Friday was a foraging day –


Saturday and Sunday were kind of rest days but we made time to go cycling and play some football in the park.


I don’t see why the kids were bored. We had more than a full week.


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