The Cold Truth and Nothing but the Truth

It’s that time of year when the last thing you want is to come down with a cold. But knowing the odds, you probably will. Sniffles, sneezes and stuffy noses – just what you don’t need – saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and it sounding like something totally different!! Well, there are obviously many who agree with me and think that colds are a real bother and would give up things in return for a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. Read on to find out more…

New survey by leading decongestant experts, Olbas reveals Britain’s top cold culprits, complaints and cures. 

  • Twice as many women than men prepared to forego sex for a month than lose a good night’s sleep when suffering from a cold
  • 38 per cent of women believe that kissing causes colds
  • Some women would give up one year’s clothes shopping for a restful, cold-free night

 From old wives tales to medical remedies, letting it ‘run its course’ and even having a boozy tipple…the lid has been lifted on some of the country’s top tips to beat the common cold. The survey of 2,000 Brits by decongestant experts Olbas, unveils the top cold culprits, complaints and cures to give the virus a run for its money this winter.

When it comes to suffering, a third of us think that being congested is the worst symptom of a cold. Other top complaints include feeling groggy (20%), headaches and pains (13%), not getting a good night’s sleep (13%) and still having to go to work (8%).

Quite clearly colds get us down, so just what would we give up in return for a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep from sniffles and sneezes? 10.7 million women would happily give up sex for a month – double the number of men willing to abstain! Over a third (33%) of those interviewed say they’d remove chocolate from their diet. Ladies, you might not believe this, but more than 16% would cancel clothes shopping for an entire year!

 What’s more, Olbas revealed common causes of catching a cold and who the top cold-spreading culprits are. Men are in the firing line once again, with 38% of women avoiding kissing when their partner is nursing their nose. Other survival techniques include eating healthily (36%), wrapping up warm (19%), holding your breath when others cough around you (18%), taking vitamins (17%) and working from home to avoid germs in the workplace (5%) (which is very sensible, as 46% of us believe our work colleagues are the top cold-spreading culprits!)

With the average person in the UK sneezing their way through over a week’s worth of colds each winter, it’s hardly surprising that we adopt our own ‘survival techniques’ to help us get through the winter months.

Old wives tales, family cures and myths are abound in the world of winter sneezing! Almost half of us think sleep is the best way to rid yourself of a cold, closely followed by self-medicating to combat symptoms (45%). Others revealed hot drinks (40%), a dose of vitamin C (29%) and steaming it out with a hot bath (23%), are the best cold cures. Whilst Men are twice as likely as women to turn to alcohol as means to fight the lurgy –  which probably isn’t going to do you much good in your fight to feel better.

While a winter cold may be unavoidable, the time spent suffering can be greatly reduced with the Olbas range of products to help soothe the symptoms of colds. By alleviating congestion and making breathing easier, the range offers a solution for all ages. The range of product formats mean there is one to suit every need and lifestyle, from Olbas Oil and Olbas Bath at home, through to Olbas Inhaler and Olbas Pastilles for on-the-go relief.

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Disclaimer: I was under no obligation to write this post. 

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