The BIG Cookathon with Children’s Food Trust and Pizza Express

Last Thursday, I took myself off to London alone to attend the Kids Takeover of Pizza Express on the Strand where they were going to unveil the recipe for Easy Peasy Pizza for the 2014 Lets Get Cooking BIG Cookathon.

BIG Cookathon2

The recipe was unveiled by Alex Jones, cheese enthusiast and foodie father of five and the children of Kingswood Primary School in West Norwood, who were chosen as part of a national competition to take over the restaurant and serve up the new pizza in recognition of the fantastic support its cooking club gives its child members.

The children were lovely. We were greeted by them and they showed us to our seats, took our drink orders and then made the pizza from scratch before our eyes.

They did make it look easy, peasy indeed! And it tasted just yum as we were treated to a pizza each.


Alex James described them as “an inspiration for other would-be cooks.” He went on to say, “I loved every minute of the takeover at PizzaExpress. Kids are never too young to enjoy good food, the sooner you get them involved the better. It’s a delight to watch kids cook – they see it as a kind of magic, especially when pizzas are involved.”


I know this is especially true when it concerns my children. They love making pizzas and it also helps to get certain veggies down without complaint.

The pizza is inspired by an original recipe Pizza Express’ Peter Boizot, marks the launch of the Cookathon, which is run by the Children’s Food Trust and, this year, is supported by PizzaExpress as part of its ‘Getting Kids Cooking’ initiative. The Cookathon, which will take place on 4 April 2014, will see an estimated 48,000 people make mouth-watering pizzas, using over 3.6 tonnes of delicious pizza dough.

Health experts tell us that by getting the kids cooking at a young age, they are more likely to eat better as adults. The club at Kingwood Primary School is one of 5,000 run by the Children’s Food Trust across England. Its aim is to give children of all ages, as well as parents who don’t cook, the skills and confidence to make more fresh meals from scratch.

I was thrilled to be part of this exciting event and look forward to the Cookathon on 4 April 2014.

If you want to be a part of this wonderful enterprise you can do so in the following ways.

1. Next time you’re in a PizzaExpress order a Fiorentina – 25p from each one will go to the Children’s Food Trust, who get kids cooking

2. Tell primary school teachers about our free School Visits where learn about basic health and safety in the kitchen, fresh ingredients and how to make a pizza

3. Get online – visit to find out about how you can participate in the 2014 Let’s Get Cooking BIG Cookathon

If you would like to try out the recipe you can view it here and to find out more about Getting Kids Cooking go to Pizza Express website here




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