The Best Head Lice Treatment Methods

Eliminating head lice is never a fun task. For parents especially, it’s one of the most dreaded things that their children go through and also the most common. While not dangerous as they don’t carry or spread any diseases, they can be a nuisance to remove, and a mammoth task to completely get rid of from a household. Lice can live up to a week in hair and can also lie up to 10 eggs a day. Left untreated, it can quickly turn in to an infestation that might seem never ending.

There are some proven head lice treatments out there which, done properly, will definitely help out and make the transition back in to a lice free life a lot easier.

First response:

The key to treating lice is knowing what symptoms to look out for, and reacting fast when you spot them. If you see your child itching their head or notice any red bumps and bites, immediately have a look through their hair, or if you get a tickling feeling in your own hair, have it looked at immediately.  Spotting these, alongside noticing any white dandruff like flakes (which could be eggs), are the first steps in combatting these nasty little critters. Once they’ve been spotted, be sure to check everyone else in the house, to see who has been affected, and once you’ve identified who needs to be treated, you can make a start.

Wet combing:

Wet combing is one of the most effective ways in starting the fight against lice and is also used as part of treatment. It’s an easy process whereby you wet and shampoo the hair, and then run a fine toothed comb through the hair to visibly spot whether or not there are any lice in the hair. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to start off and gives you a good indication of how big the lice infestation is. Detection combing is a great regular habit to get in to anyway, whether lice are present or not, as it allows you to keep an eye on lice and get them as soon as they arrive. Once hair is washed, you can also use a hairdryer to get rid of any leftover lice and nits.

Medicated treatments:

One of the best forms of treatment for fully getting rid of head lice is to use head lice shampoo as they hit the lice problem from the root. It’s best to get shampoos and lotions that contain no chemicals like insecticides and instead, target the problem by physically killing the lice, while also targeting the eggs. Many home remedies focus more on lice rather than the eggs so this is a guaranteed way to fully rid your hair fully of both lice and nits; and is one of the most effective too. Most treatments also come with a fine tooth comb so you can use the wet combing method and they should work perfectly for getting rid of lice.

Remember, prevention is the best. So if you do hear of lice outbreaks, especially at school, be sure to warn your children and discourage any direct head to head contact. Keep a constant eye open, with regular checks, so you can rid your house hold of lice as soon as they come through. And once you’ve removed them all, also be sure to clean your house, including bedding and clothes, so that any leftover lice are removed too


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