The Art of Racing in the Rain – Film Review

The Art of Racing in the Rain – it’s cliched, it’s predictable (that’s what I read in some reviews) but it also pulls at your heartstrings and is funny and uplifting (according to me) and those are the reasons why I definitely think you must watch it.

When we saw the trailer for the film, we, as a family, knew we had to watch it. Having watched Gilmore Girls as a family recently we were well acquainted with Milo Ventimiglia and we wanted to see if he could be more than just ‘Jess’ in our minds. Jadyn and I love Amanda Seyfried,  and we love dogs. So really, we were already going in on a positive note.

A story told by a dog – cliched definitely! But Enzo, seems to tell the story differently. It’s HIS story but by relating it, in the voice of Kevin Costner, he seems to enrich the characters.

The storyline is simple –

Enzo, a golden retriever, belongs to Denny, a racing car driver who does well in the rain because he has his own trick of dealing with it. Denny meets Eve (Amanda Seyfried), a teacher. Eve’s parents are well-to-do and have their daughter’s best interests at heart, in their own way. Denny is struggling to reach the top of his game. Denny and Eve marry and have a daughter Zoe with Enzo a much-loved member of the family. When tragedy strikes, the film takes us through how each one copes.

Family relationships,  dealing with a terminal illness and having to face losing custody of your child is poignantly portrayed. I spent much of the latter part of the film wiping away tears.

Yes, Enzo does come through eventually and saves the day which is predictable but the outcome is rewarding

The relationship that Denny has with Enzo is something that only if you own a dog, you’ll actually relate to. If you don’t own one, you’ll probably think of going out and getting one.

While racing is in the background, the story is not about racing and fast cars, per se!

The film is about life that could as much be your story as is Denny’s and Enzo’s. It has something for everyone. It fills one with hope and it uplifts. And in these times where all we ever read about is strife, I’ll willingly spend my time and money on a film like this. (And I highly recommend you do too)

Here’s the trailer –

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