The Andrex Clean Report – Are you doing it right?

Last week, I travelled to central London to a beautiful hotel to talk about – well…..poo!

If you are queasy about the idea, then I suggest you don’t read further. If you are a little bit curious, then I suggest you read on as there are some very pertinent issues being discussed.

Now, if you think that the first line is going to form the basis of this post, then you are absolutely right!


Andrex has just published a Clean Report which talks about whether people are doing the cleaning process right. No one wants to believe that they are not cleaning themselves off properly but what you may read below, may ring a few bells or pull a few flushes, as the case may be.

A few bloggers were invited to the lovely Haymarket Hotel to have a discussion about how we feel about cleaning the bottom. There I’ve said it. Makes me feel like one of the Minions in Despicable Me 2 (Bottom!!! 🙂 )

On the discussion panel were – Sam Owen, psychologist, author and relationship coach; Dr Carol Cooper, GP and Pat Spungin, Psychologist.

You know as a Mum, I probably have no qualms about talking about poo. Kids don’t. At some stage in time, their favourite word is ‘poo’. They find it so funny.  From the time a baby is born, as a Mum, you probably talk about their first poo, then the teething bits, the potty training and then going on to teach them to clean themselves. And of course, who hasn’t, as a parent, lifted a baby to smell their bottoms for confirmation of their having done a poo?


Now, with my children obviously toilet trained and washing themselves (all except the little one), I still have to ensure that they are cleaning themselves properly and washing their hands after that. With my 5-year-old I know the signs as there is always that itchy bottom!!

While I do by the moist wipes for them, I obviously make it clear that they should not use up the whole packet as they can be quite expensive. So, I tell them to wipe off with the dry and then use the moist. However, in The Clean Report, it was interesting to know that they do need to keep the bottom area dry too so I have now told them to wipe off with dry again.

I have used the 5 step cleaning process to get them to do it right.


A fact that I didn’t know (or actually didn’t really care to find out) made me sit up and take notice. One gram of poo contains 10,000,000 viruses and 1,000,000 bacteria. So, if you don’t clean properly, that could result in……well, you do the math!!


Another interesting fact was that 23% of the British public feel that having an unclean intimate area dents their confidence.

As much time as I have spent with ensuring the children have their teeth brushed properly, I have now been instilling the cleaning process after they use the toilet so that we can keep the infections at bay.

Being clean helps both our physical and mental well-being so I am making sure the children get it right.

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