Test Driving and Finding the Perfect Car

When we had 2 children, we were quite happy with our saloon car that managed to fit in two car seats quite easily and when we occasionally had to ferry someone else, I happily managed to fit between the two seats as Jadyn needed just the booster.

With the arrival of A, we found that it was a bit of tight squeeze in the back of the car as we had a rear facing car seat for her and a Group 1-2-3 for E, who was almost 3 then. J was also younger and so she managed to fit in between the two seats. I obviously couldn’t and we could not think of taking another passenger, so if my parents or anyone else came to visit, we could not really go out anywhere.

Now with the children all growing up fast, we find that we need a car that has enough space to fit all of us comfortably as well as take another passenger or two. We have been combing the internet for suitable 7-seater cars and we keep deciding and changing our minds a hundred times. We still have not decided about the car we would like to own.

Besides the make and the model, there are many other things we need to consider like insurance for instance. Insurance is paid yearly and can be quite dear. Road tax is another thing. And of course we do have to take into consideration  – price! Some of the cars have 7 seats but the seats at the back seem such that they will not really be of much use for long. So again, there is the dilemma of which 7 seater will take us through a good number of years.

We have been test driving some cars(at least Hubs has) but in half an hour, it is difficult to decide which car is the best. It would be nice to have longer test drives – like a weekend when we can really put the car through the paces before we buy. I know that the dealers have motor trade insurance in place but I wonder if this would cover longer periods of test driving?

Getting the perfect car is always hard. We are still yet to decide on which car would be best for us – in terms of price, comfort, number of seats, resale etc.  Hopefully soon, we shall decide and get the perfect family car.

Do you have any recommendations for a 7 seater? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment with your suggestions.



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