Our Tesco Halloween Loot

You must have seen my post about the Spooky delivery from Tesco – it was awesome. What was more awesome was what the delivery contained.

We had loads of lovely Halloween goodies for a super Halloween party. Here are just some of the things that we received –

Pumpkin lanterns – Totally adorable these light up with batteries and are perfect for creating a spooky scene.



Loot buckets – These adorable little buckets light up in the dark! Trick or Treat time?


I can wait for my door bell to ring. Can’t wait to see the look on the trick or treater when I offer them candy from this skeleton candy bowl. See what it can do – press play 🙂

We also have some amazing party tableware –



And balloons –


We’ve got face paint for the entire family and some rather nice hair spray.



And last but not least – absolutely amazing Halloween costumes for the children.

How cute is my little spider witch?



And my rather scary skeleton pirate?



And my corpse bride?



I was also given a Tesco gift card to buy some goodies for my party so I bought some loot bags –



And these cup cakes (I can’t wait to sink in)



All this is available at Tesco so head on there for all your Halloween needs. Don’t forget to tweet me a photo of the party @jacintaz3

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