Teksta Voice Recognition Puppy Review

We have been fortunate to have reviewed the older version of Teksta but this 5th generation version comes with Voice Recognition to make it even more lifelike and more enjoyable. This is the FIRST Teksta puppy that actually listens and understands you.


The new VR Teksta has 10 pre-programmed commands that respond to voice. This being said, it does not automatically respond to all the commands as soon as it is out of the box. Like all real life puppies, you need to teach it to respond to you. Teksta, being the intelligent puppy that he is, learns fast though.

Teksta can sit, bark, cry (whine), sing and walk all through the voice commands. Don’t worry though as he will still respond to gestures and touch as in the past. So, he will respond to you when you pat his head. You can also use gestures to make Teksta react to you if you swipe your hand in front of him.


Teksta tells you which mode he is in with the help of the LED eyes – you can change the mode with the help of the buttons on the top of the puppy’s head.

Teksta is an amazing toy and is the most advanced of his type yet. He is fitted with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence which help him mimic emotions.

Here are the 10 voice recognition programmes in the new Teksta –



Remember that Teksta is built on the premise of being like a real puppy so may take longer to learn things. The more you play with him, the more he’ll learn.

He can also play ball and ‘eat’ his bone.

Teksta requires batteries (of course) 4AA batteries that are not included so make sure you stock up and 3 LR batteries for the bone (included)

It retailers at £59.99 and is available from Character-Online

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