Teksta – the puppy that doesn’t need bathing, walking or dog food!!

I was actually lucky enough to view this puppy in action at a Christmas in July event and I can tell you that I was quite taken by it. In fact, if I was a child, it would definitely be on my Christmas list.

To have a puppy without having to bathe it, brush it hair or clean its poop – it might just be on my Christmas list too!! 🙂

Character Options is proud to introduce the “Best in Show” puppy that has got everyone talking, meet Teksta! The Robotic Puppy!

68377 & 68369  TEKSTA BLUE & PINKRetro Teksta: Teksta comes from a pedigree line of first class youth electronics, that wowed the world in 1999; selling over 8 million pieces!

Today’s Teksta: This is a puppy of the next generation with all of the innovation and design to prove it! More loveable, more interactive and with an increased ability to learn and adapt – this is the Robotic Puppy of the future!

teksta2 With a little time and patience kids across the country will gain a loyal friend to come home to after a busy day at school, as just like a real Puppy, Teksta needs training! Teksta responds to voice, touch, and hand gestures all without the use of a remote control. New owners will be delighted in teaching their new four legged friend to sit, walk and even turn tricks; the most impressive of which is his awesome back flip. You can also stop Teksta walking just by simply putting your hand in front of his face.

teksta3It’s the high tech features, however that will set Teksta apart and make this puppy the most impressive 21st century dog around! The Teksta App will allow him to tap his paws to any beat, just choose a song from your music library and watch Teksta bop, pop, street dance and hip-hop. Doing the Gangnam Style is even in this pup’s smooth moves! Then when he feels like being social, he can video link with other Teksta friends wherever they are. Simply pop him in front of the Teksta-time link on any tablet and watch them barking together and synchronising their Teksta Moves!

Teksta comes in Both Pink and Blue and will launch to the world with a woof! So if you’re thinking of buying a puppy for Christmas, then choose one that comes without the break-of- dawn walks in the rain, the puddles in the kitchen and the 5am wake up calls!

If you want to see Teksta in action –

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